How it all began...

To "coddiwomple" is to travel with purpose to an unknown or vague destination. Founder of Iota Creative Collective, Sam Eure, pounced upon the possibility of developing a local music festival, that supported Iota's mission to serve the community of Hampton Roads musicians. Revolution Golf & Grille founders looked to, and succeeded, in creating an innovative dining and entertainment experience in for the Williamsburg community. Discussing music, purpose, and a celebration of first year business anniversaries, these partners decided to bring "Coddiwomple" to Hampton Roads. A celebration of community, purpose, music, and beer. Both Iota, and RGG can't wait to share what will undoubtedly be an amazing day with you all. See you there!!

It's a music festival...with purpose.

Iota Creative Collective serves the Hampton Roads community of musicians. Get a glimpse of the artists you'll hear at this years Coddiwomple!

Did we mention there's going to be beer?

Revolution Golf & Grille is taking a swing for the green in Williamsburg, Va. Boasting an 11,000 square foot restaurant which not only has a fully stocked bar with 20 rotating taps, but virtual golf entertainment bays and supports local music on Fridays and Saturdays with showcases of local talent. Here are the breweries we have lined up for this year!